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Can I Copy Images?

You can print or save, that is, reproduce an image, for research or study purposes. However, please note that this does not include reproduction of this material on the Internet. For example, you can print an image to include in a school assignment. As a courtesy, you should attribute the image, that is, include the title and the name of the creator and agency that owns it. For all other uses, such as reusing an image in a newsletter or book, or for commercial purposes or communication to the public, you will need to seek permission from the copyright holder. More information about this is available on the copyright page.

For example:
You can use an image in a school project, or while researching a family history, but you cannot put it on your personal web site, or reproduce it in a book or newsletter, without checking if there are any copyright restrictions.

Note that the images you can find in PictureVictoria are reference quality only. Requests for higher resolution copies of the images should be directed to the owning public library service.

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